Network Intelligence in a Box

  • Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD/IDS)
  • Endpoint Threat Detection
  • Security and Information Event Management (SIEM)
  • Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM)
  • Traffic Accounting
  • Usage Billing

Anomaly Detection

Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
The longer it runs, the smarter it becomes

Threat Detection

End Point Threat Detection
Global Knowledge - Local Intelligence


Enhance Network Security
Analyze every conversation

de facto standard for flow-based
network forensics and visibility


Real-Time Performance Monitoring
Scalable, Flexible and Granular

Bandwidth Monitoring, QoS, 95th Percentile,
Virtualization Analysis

Network Intelligence
you can depend on

Security Forensics

World's most scalable and granular netflow product. Address security blind spots highlight P2P, DDoS, Botnet, Long Talkers, Streaming and other hidden anomalies.

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Anomaly Detection

Dynamic Network X-Ray with automated diagnostics enhancing security and intrusion detection eliminating network blindspots.

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Performance Monitoring

With just a few clicks, you can have absolute network traffic visibility. See who is doing what, where, when, with whom and for how long.

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About NetFlow Auditor

NetFlow Auditor constantly keeps its eyes on your Network and provides total visibility to quickly identify and alert on who is doing what, where, when, with whom and for how long. It learns network behaviors and detects and alerts on anomalies.

NetFlow Auditor is used by organizations of all sizes such as councils, utilities, banking, universities and all tiers of telcos and managed services:

We look forward to you experiencing why we've made many other customer's lives very easy with our smart alerting and actionable intelligence and the scalable benefits only NetFlow Auditor can provide.

Scalable & Granular

Superior collection technology for volumes of sustained and burst flows per second. Superior archival technology for depth of collection and hierarchical or clustered views from multiple collectors.


Provides a comprehensive Intrusion Detection (IDS) and security and information event management (SIEM) solution as it gathers, analyzes and presents granular information from multiple network and security devices with comprehensive log auditing, review and incident response.

Real-time & Trending
Supports both Real-time and Trending analysis of Usage, Packets, Conversations and 95th percentiles for network behavior anomaly detection, security forensics, capacity planning and billing purposes.

Fully supports IPv6 for analytics and billing and includes a comprehensive MAC Address translation for BYOD analytics.

Security orientated with Advanced Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD), NBAR, DDoS detection, P2P detection, blacklists and advanced Application Mapping.

Scalable Netflow - 3 key questions to ask
Flow Collection

Report on Cisco NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, AppFlow, NetStream. Support for Cisco Routers and Switches, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), Cisco Aggregation Services Router (ASR), Cisco Wide Area Application Service (WAAS), Cisco Nexus, Cisco Medianet, Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), Checkpoint Firewalls, Routers and Switches such as HP, 3COM, Juniper, Mikrotik, sniffers such as Ixea, Gigamon, nProbe (plus extended DNS, HTTP, SIP, SQL), VMware, Citrix, Fortinet, Barracuda, Alcatel, RAD and more

Network Super Vision

Bring your Network into Focus

Total Network Visibility
  • Understand the impact of voice, viruses, hacking, multicast, DNS, peer-to-peer (P2P) and worms on your network.

  • Pro-actively manage and troubleshoot network and application performance issues on even the largest of environments.

  • Identify Bandwidth utilization and abuse and Justify bandwidth upgrades. Accurately plan network changes and new application roll-outs.

  • Validate WAN Optimization schemes with pre-post deployment assessments.

  • Monitor and managing service level agreements

  • Ensure usage policies are enforced.

  • Archive information for regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Analyze Peering traffic analysis

  • Capacity Plan and forecast capacity requirements

  • Pro-actively manage and troubleshoot network and application performance issues

  • Reduce costs by substantially speeding up Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and recovery using Automated Diagnostics and Comprehensive Traffic Accounting

NetFlow Auditor Forensic Toolset

NetFlow Auditor provides visibility of every network conversation and scales beyond any other product in the industry.

NetFlow Auditor can perform analysis on any combination of data fields simultaneously (e.g. usage, packets, flows, packet size, utilization, etc) and sort data by any field. Effectively measure usage, trending patterns, baselines, averages, peaks and troughs, and standard deviations.


Count Analysis

Count records as part of a result to quickly identify excessive flows or change. Any record combination can be counted. Enables quick identification of Port Scanners, P2P users, DoS attacks or other spammy conversations. Useed of the long-term to identify long lasting flows or conversations.

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Percentile Analysis

Short term and long term percentile analysis can be calculated. For Billing or Security. A percentile analysis of a threshold event will provide an indication of change. This can be set in conjunction with Baseline analysis.


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Top X/Y Analysis

Top X/Y is a unique flexible aggregating and divisioning tool. It can be used to provide simple 'birds-eye' view analytics such as "Top 5 applications and Conversations for each ASN Peer" or more granular identification such as "Show the Top 100 Threat (IPs, Category, Type and IP) for each Affected IP".

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Packet Size Analysis

Provides a detailed view of network traffic by packet sizes. Use this information to optimize VoIP traffic as well as to identify packet size anomalies.


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Baseline Analysis

Comparative analysis can be performed on any and every element comparing an elements periodic behavior across the time line.


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Deviation Analysis

Analyze traffic patterns by standard deviation to identify what aspects have changed the most in a specific period. Quickly identify outliers, worms, increasing flows, DDoS or data floods.

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Cross section Analysis

Stacked graphs enable comparison of any two network traffic parameters. As an example, A stacked bar QoS analysis can graphically show the details of each application running within every class of service.

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Custom Group Analysis

IP addresses can be grouped by Location, Customer, Application and Services. Network traffic detail can now be categorized in logical groups for reporting, billing and capacity planning.

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Bi-directional Analysis

Show forward and reverse conversations and In vs. Out conversations to quickly identify which side of the conversation is responsible for traffic usage/flows.


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